The best Download Manager ever – IDM Review

I do not agree on “against” of the reviewer. It is not true that it is ‘nothing innovative’.


IDM Review

First of all, after taking a little ‘hand, it is really intuitive. To use it and be able to judge it better, use it using the & quot; Code & quot; download. If you try it for a few minutes, you can not catch the differences with the other managers.

It integrates perfectly in the browser, and above all consumes very little Ram and Cpu.

The logic of the download engine is different from all the other download managers: in fact, stopwatch is faster than any other DM. Obviously, this can only be noticed for large files.

Another big advantage, is that it can find the exact address of the download, this is very important when you have to re-download the file.

But the huge advantage over others is the “Grabber” videos on the internet.

Support a long list of sites (Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc.); it’s very fast, and it never fails (it even manages to download videos from Mediaset and Rai – this last one with manual intervention, if you do not use that crap of SilverLight). Orbit Downloader is light years back, because it is patched with Mediaset and Dailymotion (and the system is quite dirty, even if, it must be said, it is freeware).

With a really intuitive interface and a wizard system, you can download parts of entire sites, or all the mp3s of a site, all the html pages, etc.

Another factor, is that the assistance (in English) ALWAYS answer within two days and, quite unusual, takes great account of users’ reports and wishes.

Unfortunately, it does not have a support forum, but you can only access support via email, even for trial users.

Finally, I would recommend the excellent translation, constantly updated, in Italian, with a lot of online help, always in Italian.

As for the recovery, if it does not work, just download from the IDM site a file that allows you to clean everything that has left IDM.

I wrote a lot, but I do not work for IDM, do not worry 🙂 Since there are no comments, I wanted to fill this gap, in my opinion inexplicable.

In short, before I used Mass Downloader, also great, but since I use IDM, I would consider it one of those indispensable programs that stop me to go completely to Linux.


  • Lightweight (about 14 MB RAM, about 3% CPU) / Easily download any video that is on the network / Warning windows explain what IDM asks and what you need to do / In Italian / Fast update and frequent update.


  • It does not have a support forum, even if email support always responds. / Some flaw in the interface.

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