Earn money from home by mounting pens and lighters

Within our collection of ideas to make money from home, the possibility of mounting pens and lighters can be a very interesting option with which to get extra money. Then we will know a little more this world, in addition to give tips that will prevent us from falling into the networks of fraudsters.

How to earn money by mounting pens and lighters

Many companies are currently looking for individuals who want to earn a certain amount of money by mounting items such as lighters and pens.

It is not a very well paid job, but it can certainly be a good way out if we are unemployed or our salary does not allow us to reach the end of the month, we have a lot of time and we get bored, etc.

The process of this work is very simple: we will have to contact the company, if possible we will look for a place near our place of residence (for this we recommend searching through the Internet). Once the benefit percentage has been agreed upon, we will receive all the disassembled material and our job will be to simply assemble the pieces so that they fit together.

The dangers of assembling pens and lighters

First of all we must bear in mind that this job will not give us too much money, but what we can do is dedicate some of our free time, with what we can earn up to about $ 200 a month or even more, depending on each case.

However we must be very attentive to the company for which we work, since there are currently many that are hidden scams, and seek to contribute money in exchange for the material and then do not see again the money or the material.

Therefore it is essential to share opinions with other people who have worked in the company with which we want to contact, as this way we can find out their intentions.

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