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A Scientific Guide to Make New Friends

Both ancient philosophers and current scientists agree: the key to happiness are our relationships with others.It does not matter if you are a prestigious professional, earn a lot of money, have freedom to travel wherever you want or have contributed to the welfare of humanity. If you do not feel loved and valued you will never be really happy.

Having friends with whom to share your life is so important to feel good that everything else may seem secondary. However, on average every 7 years we lose half of our friendships.And if we do not do anything to replace that loss, one day we will get up and find ourselves without any real friends.But making friends is difficult. Otherwise there would not be so many services and websites to find people with whom to relate.if you looking for place to have fun and want to make new friends than visit our chat room site that 100% free and without registration.

Why does it cost so much?

First of all because many people believe that friendship must be “born” naturally, and that the opposite is not authentic.But the main reason is the lack of continuity. As easy as this. Constant contact is one of the pillars to create a friendship. Do you remember when you were little? You saw your classmates almost every day, but now that you have work or family that is practically impossible.

That is why your workplace can be one of the best places to make friends if you are able to create ties beyond the professional relationship. If not, building new friendships becomes more complicated as you get older.I remember that a few years ago I met a boy of my same age with an exciting life. He was funny and charismatic, and his job was to travel around the world as a guide, so he had a lot of experiences and anecdotes to tell.

A Scientific Guide to Make New Friends

Immediately I knew that I wanted to become his friend. I wanted to learn from him, but deep down I also wanted to give back that admiration that I felt. Knowing that someone important admires you is a very comforting feeling.As he traveled a lot, we met little in our city. When we did it, there were almost always more people, but I tried to offer the best of my smiles, share my funniest stories and make sure that I had a good time.I thought that this way I would end up considering a friend. But although there was a lot of cordiality on his part, I never felt that I had succeeded.Sometimes I found out that I organized activities without telling me, or that I stayed with friends in common without my knowing it. Despite all my efforts to create a friendship, it was always me who had to go after him.

Could it be that I was doing something wrong?

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you will already know the best places to meet people and various strategies to fall for someone you have just met, such as:

  • Create a time limit at the beginning so you know you will not be stuck talking to you and feel more comfortable
  • Show real interest by facing your whole body towards him
  • Say your name often and make sure you know yours as soon as possible
  • Ask him for some small favor (the so-called Ben Franklin effect by the way the governor of Pennsylvania earned the appreciation of his political rivals)
  • These small techniques are very useful to like more, but they are not usually enough to create a true friendship relationship, as I proved.

Fortunately, several scientists have already studied the science of friendship. And in this article I’m going to show you the guidelines to transform your acquaintances into friends and thus improve the quality of your social life.