A Scientific Guide to Make New Friends

Both ancient philosophers and current scientists agree: the key to happiness are our relationships with others.It does not matter if you are a prestigious professional, earn a lot of money, have freedom to travel wherever you want or have contributed to the welfare of humanity. If you do not feel loved and valued you will never be really happy.

Having friends with whom to share your life is so important to feel good that everything else may seem secondary. However, on average every 7 years we lose half of our friendships.And if we do not do anything to replace that loss, one day we will get up and find ourselves without any real friends.But making friends is difficult. Otherwise there would not be so many services and websites to find people with whom to relate.if you looking for place to have fun and want to make new friends than visit our chat room site that 100% free and without registration.

Why does it cost so much?

First of all because many people believe that friendship must be “born” naturally, and that the opposite is not authentic.But the main reason is the lack of continuity. As easy as this. Constant contact is one of the pillars to create a friendship. Do you remember when you were little? You saw your classmates almost every day, but now that you have work or family that is practically impossible.

That is why your workplace can be one of the best places to make friends if you are able to create ties beyond the professional relationship. If not, building new friendships becomes more complicated as you get older.I remember that a few years ago I met a boy of my same age with an exciting life. He was funny and charismatic, and his job was to travel around the world as a guide, so he had a lot of experiences and anecdotes to tell.

A Scientific Guide to Make New Friends

Immediately I knew that I wanted to become his friend. I wanted to learn from him, but deep down I also wanted to give back that admiration that I felt. Knowing that someone important admires you is a very comforting feeling.As he traveled a lot, we met little in our city. When we did it, there were almost always more people, but I tried to offer the best of my smiles, share my funniest stories and make sure that I had a good time.I thought that this way I would end up considering a friend. But although there was a lot of cordiality on his part, I never felt that I had succeeded.Sometimes I found out that I organized activities without telling me, or that I stayed with friends in common without my knowing it. Despite all my efforts to create a friendship, it was always me who had to go after him.

Could it be that I was doing something wrong?

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you will already know the best places to meet people and various strategies to fall for someone you have just met, such as:

  • Create a time limit at the beginning so you know you will not be stuck talking to you and feel more comfortable
  • Show real interest by facing your whole body towards him
  • Say your name often and make sure you know yours as soon as possible
  • Ask him for some small favor (the so-called Ben Franklin effect by the way the governor of Pennsylvania earned the appreciation of his political rivals)
  • These small techniques are very useful to like more, but they are not usually enough to create a true friendship relationship, as I proved.

Fortunately, several scientists have already studied the science of friendship. And in this article I’m going to show you the guidelines to transform your acquaintances into friends and thus improve the quality of your social life.


The best Download Manager ever – IDM Review

I do not agree on “against” of the reviewer. It is not true that it is ‘nothing innovative’.


IDM Review

First of all, after taking a little ‘hand, it is really intuitive. To use it and be able to judge it better, use it using the & quot; Code & quot; download. If you try it for a few minutes, you can not catch the differences with the other managers.

It integrates perfectly in the browser, and above all consumes very little Ram and Cpu.

The logic of the download engine is different from all the other download managers: in fact, stopwatch is faster than any other DM. Obviously, this can only be noticed for large files.

Another big advantage, is that it can find the exact address of the download, this is very important when you have to re-download the file.

But the huge advantage over others is the “Grabber” videos on the internet.

Support a long list of sites (Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc.); it’s very fast, and it never fails (it even manages to download videos from Mediaset and Rai – this last one with manual intervention, if you do not use that crap of SilverLight). Orbit Downloader is light years back, because it is patched with Mediaset and Dailymotion (and the system is quite dirty, even if, it must be said, it is freeware).

With a really intuitive interface and a wizard system, you can download parts of entire sites, or all the mp3s of a site, all the html pages, etc.

Another factor, is that the assistance (in English) ALWAYS answer within two days and, quite unusual, takes great account of users’ reports and wishes.

Unfortunately, it does not have a support forum, but you can only access support via email, even for trial users.

Finally, I would recommend the excellent translation, constantly updated, in Italian, with a lot of online help, always in Italian.

As for the recovery, if it does not work, just download from the IDM site a file that allows you to clean everything that has left IDM.

I wrote a lot, but I do not work for IDM, do not worry 🙂 Since there are no comments, I wanted to fill this gap, in my opinion inexplicable.

In short, before I used Mass Downloader, also great, but since I use IDM, I would consider it one of those indispensable programs that stop me to go completely to Linux.


  • Lightweight (about 14 MB RAM, about 3% CPU) / Easily download any video that is on the network / Warning windows explain what IDM asks and what you need to do / In Italian / Fast update and frequent update.


  • It does not have a support forum, even if email support always responds. / Some flaw in the interface.

Download WhatsApp Plus APK 2017 Free

We are going to help you to download WhatsApp Plus APK, but before we will analyze some of the main differences with the original version and some details that are worth knowing about this mod that enhances the WhatsApp functionalities.

What is WhatsApp Plus

Most likely, everyone who is reading this news already knows the benefits of WhatsApp, a fantastic instant messaging application with which we can keep in touch with anyone and at any time, of course, as long as you have the application installed

The best thing about WhatsApp is that it helps us to contact through messaging or even through voice with other users completely free of charge, since all you need is an Internet connection so the cost of the call will be based on consumption of data that we make, which means that if for example we connect to a Wi-Fi network, the call will be completely free.

But it is also true that WhatsApp has always stood out for having some shortcomings that have made users are not happy at all with the application, because while it is true that it works very correctly, we also feel somewhat limited with the functions that come from factory, and that’s where WhatsApp Plus comes in.

WhatsApp Plus is just an unofficial mod that aims to expand the functionality of the original WhatsApp, so that it is responsible for integrating into the official application to add menus and options that you are sure to love.

The controversy raised by WhatsApp Plus

Seen the seen, it was clear that millions of users were going to choose to install the new unofficial update WhatsApp Plus, since not only allowed to retain the original functions of the official program, but also added us other very useful alternatives.

However, it was clear that this was not going to make WhatsApp very funny, which is why he began his particular campaign to get users to use the original application and avoid this extension.

The reaction from these users was immediate, so they basically told WhatsApp that if they did not want competitions, what they had to do was improve their application and offer these features that interest everyone.

Far from accessing users’ demands, the WhatsApp developers decided to warn everyone of the danger of using applications that were not official, and evidently, as there was no control by the official WhatsApp Plus application, they saw forced to indicate that they did not respond to possible frauds that could be made with the second, including identity theft or even the theft of data to users.

Here WhatsApp played, on the one hand, with the fact that effectively had to uncheck WhatsApp Plus for what might happen, but on the other hand, this argument also came well to create fear among users and thus achieve their goal that was to prevent them from installing this update.

The truth is that this did not have the repercussion expected by the developer of the official application, which meant that he had to look for a plan B that in this case was directly to notify users that, as of a certain date, all those that they had installed WhatsApp Plus on their devices, they would automatically have their account canceled.

In fact, this is how the official developer of WhatsApp came, so many users lost their WhatsApp account for not accessing the uninstall of WhatsApp Plus, but the developers of this second one also had a lot to say, and finally they managed to create a new one. version of WhatsApp Plus that prevented the user from being banned, so that, all those who decide to install the new version of WhatsApp Plus, you can be totally calm as you will not have any kind of problem with your original WhatsApp account.


Earn money from home by mounting pens and lighters

Within our collection of ideas to make money from home, the possibility of mounting pens and lighters can be a very interesting option with which to get extra money. Then we will know a little more this world, in addition to give tips that will prevent us from falling into the networks of fraudsters.

How to earn money by mounting pens and lighters

Many companies are currently looking for individuals who want to earn a certain amount of money by mounting items such as lighters and pens.

It is not a very well paid job, but it can certainly be a good way out if we are unemployed or our salary does not allow us to reach the end of the month, we have a lot of time and we get bored, etc.

The process of this work is very simple: we will have to contact the company, if possible we will look for a place near our place of residence (for this we recommend searching through the Internet). Once the benefit percentage has been agreed upon, we will receive all the disassembled material and our job will be to simply assemble the pieces so that they fit together.

The dangers of assembling pens and lighters

First of all we must bear in mind that this job will not give us too much money, but what we can do is dedicate some of our free time, with what we can earn up to about $ 200 a month or even more, depending on each case.

However we must be very attentive to the company for which we work, since there are currently many that are hidden scams, and seek to contribute money in exchange for the material and then do not see again the money or the material.

Therefore it is essential to share opinions with other people who have worked in the company with which we want to contact, as this way we can find out their intentions.